River Kayaking 1.0

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Saturday, 6 October 2012 - 8:30am to 2:00pm

Confrimed travel mates
Pedro Kim (trip organizer)


on the waiting list

“New waterways, New Adventures”

The customized kayak trip will travel down a portion of the Seomjin river (섬진강)The water is deep enough for Kayaking but fairly shallow water at some point. The scenic view is really wonderful. You will never get bored,
You will see an otter or Korean deer with any luck, needless to say just sit in a kayak on the river, paddle, enjoy the river view, and Go with the flow.

Please find more info on the river http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Seomjin_River

-Cost: 58.000 won
Including transportation service, Kayak experience, and some food & drinks
-Transport: van
-Group size: only 7 members
-Distance: about 5 Km
-Length: about 2 hours.
-Comment: between Beginner and Intermediate
-What to bring: sunglasses, sun cream, quick dry shorts (including t-shirt) and adventurous spirit

# What’s included?
Life jackets
Some drinks and snacks.

8:30 am let’s meet up together at U-square just in front of LOTTERIA and leave the city for the kayak site
9:40 am: arrive at the site
10:00: am: start kayaking
12:10 pm: finish kayaking
12:30 pm travel back to Gwangju
13:40 pm: arrive home

#The trip will cost 58.000 won
Please book early in order to reserve your spot
Send payment to KB (Kook Min) 국민은행 account No 580301-04-230041 by 4 Thursday September.
under the name of 김현석(PEDRO), sometimes you can see (P, just next to my Korean name on the screen, depends on the machines
Please text me (010 9592 9993) after you have sent the money with your full name, phone number, I will put your name on the confirmed list. If you don’t see your name on the list. Just let me know ASAP.
You can use ATM machines to send payments from your bank account to my account
Or visit any banks around your place and have a teller wire the money on your half

It’s recommended that you can consider purchasing your travel insurance online. It will cover your adventure.
Here is a good example


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