Gwangju Living

A brief history of Gwangju City situated in Korea

Gwangju City

Gwangju is a city of South Korea, it is the sixth largest city of South Korea. The Government is runned by the central government of Korea as it is a metropolitan city, the Home Ministry is responsible for running affairs inside the city. It was also the capital of South Jeolla province but later the capital was changed into Southern village of Namak as the provincial assembly was shifted there in Muan Country in 2005.

Historical overview

Gwang is a Chineese word which means light and Ju represents the province. The city is very popular amongst tourist for its cuisine and food richness. Gwangju has a great history, the city was established in 57 BC. It was one of the administrative centers of the old Baekje empire during the Kingdom period in Korea.

Japanese Rule

During the Japanese invasion in 1929, a conflict between Japanese and Korean students in the city evolved into a large, highly intense demonstration which later turned into a massive struggle to get rid of Japanese rule during the colonial era.

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