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Best Free Music Download Apps for iPhone deivces(Music Downloader)

Best Free Music Download Apps for iPhone deivces(Music Downloader)

Searching for best Mp3 files Downloaders for iPhone or any other iOS device to download mp3 files?  Try out these super-fantastic best music download apps for iPhone and iPad

Who does not use mp3 players to run mp3 files these days? Probably, no one. All of us in some manner do use different mp3 or mp4 players to run mp3 files, whether to listen music or other speeches etc.

NOTE : Listening Music can be spiritually harmful and may affect your senses and nerves for a temporary period

iPhones and iPads are very popular these days and likewise usage of different mp3 player apps has also increases dramatically. To listen different sort of mp3 files, whether music, lectures or other speeches you need a good collection of all your files. For that purpose we have created list of great apps to collect, regulate and listen songs, lectures or speeches on iOS devices.

By using these apps you can directly download your favorite mp3 files directly to your device. You can check out these free mp3 music downloader apps for iOS device to download free music, lectures and mp3 files for free.

Top 5 Best iPhone Apps for downloading free mp3 files to iPhone.


Spotify is a very popular music streaming app in between smart phone users for streaming music online. However, it also has a hidden feature that people don’t know much about, it can also be used to playback music offline.

You can easily add tracks to play mp3 files offline. You can also add artists, albums to your playlist to listen them lately. Then just open your playlist, album or collection of mp3 files and start listening.

You can also check : Free Music Download Apps for Android

If the track will be available to download, then you may see a “Available offline” button. You can switch it to green so that the app can download it and then listen it on offline mode by clicking on settings -> Playback.

Google Play Music (Free)

The famous and default android mp3 file player is also available on iTunes for iOS users to download free mp3 files. But you can only stream music online with the free version. To download tracks you will need to buy the monthly subscription that will cost you $1.99 for a month.

Once you have subscribed, you can run the app and open your collection of mp3 files or album, you will see a download button to download these files. You can also use the menu to see the download button.

Amazon Prime Music (Free)

Amazon has a great music streaming app for iOS, it lets you download tracks and mp3 files to your device to play them offline. You can try a free trial version for 30 days. First use the free trial if you feel satisfied, then download the premium version.

Free Music Download – Mp3 Download(Free)

It is similar to Amazon Prime Music, You get a 30-day trial version to decide whether you like their service or do not. Groove allows to save and download tracks on your iPhone device offer listening later. You can also subscribe to monthly subscription for just $9.99 and can enjoy about millions of high quality tracks without ads.

Free Music Download(Free)

Free Music Download is yet another iPhone app to download free music, it allows you to download thousands of licensed mp3 files. You can make or create a list of files or search music on internet by using this app.

You also get a built-in player with this app from which you can instantly play the mp3 files.

All these 5 apps are great music downloader apps for iPhone. I hope that these apps will be great for your iPhone device to download Mp3 files. Please do share your feedback about our list in comments.

Dr. Luis explains about Juvederm voluma and volbella

Dr. Luis explains about Juvederm voluma and volbella

Hello folks, thanks for giving us the great response for the previous articles. We have been talking a lot about cosmetics these days. What encourages me to ask dermatologists about their advice is the growing demand of my readership who always ask for more information about cosmetics.

Today we have Dr. Lois with us who is an expert about fillers. Unfortunately, he was not able to give us the time to have an interview however he was kind enough to give us the answer of our basic two questions. We asked him to share his knowledge about Juvederm Voluma and Juvederm Volbella and send us an email that contained his response regarding our query for an interview. I am attaching the porting of his email that was related to our quesiton:

Juvederm Voluma is a very famous product of Juvederm which is a range of dermal filler from Allergan. There are many uses of Juvederm voluma although Juvederm voluma is widely used for cheek filling and for improving radiance of other areas nearby face. Juvederm Voluma increases the volume to the area on which it is applied.

As mentioned before, Juvederm is mostly used for volumizing cheeks because they require extra volume to maximize the radiance to have more brighter skin. A single treatment can really change the personality of a person by giving them a youthful look.

There are following advantages of using Juvederm Voluma:

Juvederm Voluma Advantages

Juvederm voluma is a great filler for restoring the lost HA in the cheek area thus plumping the sagged area. Due to the presence of HA in its gel, the patient also gets a more glowing and youthful skin in a much more natural way.

Juvederm voluma can also be used for the chin and other areas whereas necessary. It is considered as a viscous filler that is why it has been used all around the world by dermatologists without much hassle and thinking. Juvederm Voluma also has a great consistency record among cosmetic society.

Juvederm Ultra is another alternative of Juvederm Voluma, however the effectiveness and results may differ with each other. According to dermatologists, Juvedern Ultra and Juvederm Voluma both have lower minor side-effects.

Due to its thicker formula gel than other fillers, it has more long lasting and improved effects. For those who afraid from surgical treatments, Juvederm Voluma is a great non-surgical solution, normally it is used for facelift. In case you want to buy Juvederm products, then here is the link

Buy Juvederm Ultra from here

Juvederm Volbella Advantages

Juvederm Volbella is yet another famous filler in cosmetic societies. It is an injectable hyaluronic dermal filler that is used to enhance the beauty by reversing the aging signs and getting rid of nasolabial folds and wrinkles. Hence you get a smoother and younger look.

However, it is used for lip filling. For those who want bigger lips, Juvederm Volbella is a great choice to greater the lips size without having any surgical treatment. Like Juvederm Voluma, it is made up with very technically that is why its gel is very smooth. It is manufactured under VYCROSS technology that is especially designed to  give a more natural look to your lips for a better feeling and a more confident look.

There is also a supplement of Juvederm Volbella that comes with lidocaine to reduce the pain during the surgery. It is a local anesthetic that helps to give a more comfortable experience to the patients during the succession of the treatment. There are two different purposes of Juvederm volbella, one is rejuvenating lips and other is enhancement of lips area.

Juvederm Volbella results last until 12 months or more, this also depends on the structure of the patient’s skin. The firmness and the shape of the lips can be increased easily since Juvederm Volbella is rich in HA.

Interview of Dr. Joon Kyung, a cosmetic surgeon who started from Gwangju

Interview of Dr. Joon Kyung, a cosmetic surgeon who started from Gwangju

Hello reader, today we have Dr. Joon Kyung with us, he is another cosmetic expert. As per your request we have asked Dr. Dr. Joon to join us and clear few concepts about cosmetic surgeries, especially about usage of cannulas and needles. I would like to thank Dr. Dr. Joon for giving us the opportunity to have an interview with him. I hope you will enjoy!


Before Interview

Interviewer said:

Hello Dr. Dr. Joon, thanks for giving us the opportunity to have a chance to interview a popular surgeon like you. I hope we will learn a lot from you today.

Dr. Dr. Joon replied:

Thank you so much for your kind words. It is really a pleasure for me to share some knowledge with your audience. I hope we will have a great time with the audience.

Interview Begins

Question no. 1:

Please tell us something about yourself.

Answer :

I am a professional plastic surgeon, I have been working in this field since I graduated from Gwangju University of Health. I also went abroad to complete my education and got CIBTAC Beauty Therapy Diploma Certificate from London School of Beauty & Make-Up. Later I started my clinic in Gwangju, Korea which turned into a great success.

Question no. 2:

Recently we interview Dr. Huan Eun, he told us that usage of fillers is very popular these days. Please let us know about your views.


I agree to Dr.Huan, due to the rising rate of pollution in the society we have dealt with several cases of heat burn. Normally people have skin problems that arose due to high temperature and loss of moisture in skin. This normally happens when the skin loses its most important acids, and becomes dry and rough.

Question no. 3:

We forgot to ask Dr. Huan that which are the most demanded dermal fillers these days?


Well, to be very honest there is no specific answer for this. Different people have different problems and we recommend them fillers that we feel will be completely fine and effective for them. We also get some patients who ask for those treatments that have nothing to do with skin problem etc.

Question no. 4:

Please tell us about those treatments and fillers that are not related to skin rejuvenation and radiance.


Well, I can name few without thinking a lot, one of most demanded filler is Macrolane which is used for increasing or enlarging organ size. Typically, it is built for enlarging breast size and buttocks.

Question no. 5:

Are these treatments come into surgical or non surgical treatments?


No, all of them are non surgical and have much lesser pain and discomfort than the normal surgical procedures.

Question no. 6:

Can you please tell us something about Macrolane?


I don’t know what kind of information you need about Macrolane, but I can share a few things:

Macrolane is a filler that is very different from other products of its category. It is used for enlarging size and reshaping organs. It is basically a volume restoration factor. They have a unique class for it which is known as Macrolane vrf products.

In Korea, they are distributed by a British company, Q-Med who are also they producers of Restylane. Macrolane is used for contouring the patient’s body and enlarging size of the desired area.

Question no. 7:

How bright do you feel the future of the cosmetic industry in Korea?


Of-course, I see it very bright. In-fact Korea has become a cosmetic hub. Do you know that nearly 90% of the needles and cannulas are manufactured in Korea and distributed through out the world. Cosmetic surgeries still have a great demand here.

Wrapping the interview

Thanks a lot Dr. Dr. Joon Kyung for your time. We highly appreciate that you give us the time to interview you. We hope that we will be able to take your advice again in future.

Dr. Joon replied:

Sure, I will love to have the opportunity to talk to your audience again. Just don’t forget to take the appointment next time, just kidding.

Reviewing increasing popularity of Restylane Vital in Korea

Reviewing increasing popularity of Restylane Vital in Korea

Hello folks, As people of Korea know that the cosmetic surgeries have become very common in this part of the world. Today we are going to explore few secrets behind increasing popularity of non-surgical cosmetic treatments all around Korea. One of most famous treatment is Restylane Vital treatment that has emerged as an unignorable piller in today’s Korea’s cosmetic world.

So first explore that where are the origins of Restylane vital and how they got famous in Korea.

Restylane is a renowned company that manufactures dermal fillers of different type that contain Hyaluronic acid from (NASHA) laboratories. The best thing about their fillers is that they do not contain any sort of animal stabilized acids and are biodegradable completely. Restylane also has the privilege that it is approved by the US food and Drug administration authority.

Until now Restylane has over-passed markets of more than 65 countries outside United States. According to a credible survey, Restylane products have been used in more than ten million surgical procedures just in USA. Korea is one of the popular markets of Restylane Vital, due to the everlasting and phenomenal effects, it spread into the whole country and the demand of this treatment rised dramatically.

The core essence of Restylane products is that they contain HA or Hyaluronic acid which is a natural substance that is present in every human body. This valuable acid helps your body to increase your beauty by enhancing your radiance and by tightening your skin.

Restylane has a big range of products that are used for different treatments including, curing severe wrinkles, lip filling, smoothing marionette and other procedures that are very famous for skin rejuvenation.

Variety of Products

Restylane has a huge range of products that have different purposes and aims for patients who have different kind of skin problems. Here is a list of few products that are used often by dermatologists:

  1. Restylane Vital Skin Boosters
  2. Restylane Lyft(New addition)
  3. Restylane Defyne
  4. Restylane Refyne
  5. Restylane SubQ

And there are many other popular products of them. However, our motive is to talk about Restylane Vital today as it is described in the title.

Restylane Vital Skinboosters

Restylane Vital Skinboosters is not just a standalone product, it also has many sub categories that have different variants and purposes. Restylane Vital is our product of debate today. Restylane Vital  is for mature skins which are photo damaged due to any reason. Photo damage to the skin is caused by direct exposure of the skin to the sun for a long time.

In result, sun rays or UV can cause many problems to any individual’s skin including wrinkles, red lines, red spots, irregular pigmentation, pebbly skin and freckles. In such a case, skin specialists recommend Restylane vital for rejuvenating skin and to repair the damaged skin.

Restylane vital is also used for many other purposes like for increasing elasticity of the skin, to reduce roughness on the skin surface which makes your skin softer and more smoothen. It also helps to increase the glowing of your skin. Restylane vital puts long lasting effects on the skin on which it is applied.

The results of Restylane Vital can be seen instantly after the treatment that is the reason why it is known as one of the most effective and painless non-surgical treatments to greater the skin rejuvenation of the patient with minimum downtime. Due to painless treatment, your daily routine does not get affected and you can do your daily work according to your plans. However, the results after treatment may last to 8 to 12 months.

But since Restylane vital claims to have no side-effects, you can have that treatment after short period of time according to the requirement.

Here is more information about using Restylane vital for photo damaged skin in the middle of the given link.

Interview of Dr. Hwan Eun, a cosmetic surgeon


Today we are interviewing Dr. Hwan Eun who runs a clinic in Gwangju, Korea. Dr. Hwan Eun is a famous personality among dermatologists in South Korea. His clinic is very popular in the cosmetic hub of Korea. We hope that this will be a very informative and helpful resource for our readers.

Ok so let’s begin:

Question no. 1:

Hello Dr. Hwan Eun, Thanks for giving us the chance to interview. Please tell us something about yourself?


Hello Luis, thanks for interviewing me. I hope that I will be able to entertain your readers. I am professional dermatologist and have been in the field for 20 years.

Question no. 2:

Please tell us about the basic problems that your patients complain the most.


This is a very good question, Luis. Normally we see many cases of people complaining about fine lines and wrinkles on face. The basic reason for that problem is the heat and high temperature that we face daily due to change in the global atmosphere.

Question no. 3:

So what surgory is most common these days?


Normally people need skin rejuvenation for which we advise them to get injectable fillers for which we use cannulas and needles.

Question no. 4:

What cannulas and needles are usually used?

Answer :

This is a medical secret, but we import cannulas from our foriegn suppliers who have KFDA verfication. PremiumFill blunt cannulas, microneedles and micro cannulas are the one that we used the most. You can also share the link of the site that we have shared with you.

Question no. 5:

Can you please describe descriptively about blunt cannulas and microneedles?

Answer :

Sure, you can read my note about it. I will be glad to share it with your audience:

The world of beauty is constantly innovating and there are loads of people who are aware of them and are making great use of them in different beautification processes through different new approaches and treatments.

The words, injections, fillers, HA, Macrolane, Restylane, Juvederm and many others besides cannulas, needles, blunt tip cannulas, micro needles, sharp tip needles are all the same terms of the medical beauty world. While these can belong to different companies, different technologies, approaches, innovations, procedures, costs etc, there is one thing that is common among them and it is the use of needle in them all. It is not only a normal needle but rather a micro needle which is used in all of these different approaches whereas it has been made to suite different areas of any field so that it can present its advantages as well as benefits in different areas required.

Hence the fact that these microneedles serve as truly important elements in the beauty world cannot be stressed more. They are used in different areas which include the following

  • Facial enhancement procedures such as those related to adding mass to the face like cheek volumising, losing volume such as contouring etc.
  • Facial aging sign removing processes which include fine lines, wrinkles, forehead lines, marionette lines, nasolabial folds etc.
  • Facial beauty enhancement forms such as changing lips or removing pimples, under eye bags and many others etc.
  • Contouring other parts of the body for toning, sliming or shaping and tightening purposes like calves, buttocks, breasts, thighs, stomach etc.

The above specified areas are all thanks to the different types of micro-needles that are used in these processes which are normally given as the following according to their different sizes, materials, visibility, precision as well as usability, quality as well as safety that is provided along with them for different aspects

  • Blunt tip micro-needles
  • Sharp tip micro-needles
  • Flexible micro-needles
  • Shape and gauge based micro-needles

All these micro needles are used to serve different areas because they are excellent and well suited for them and hence have been made for the sole purpose only.

The quality is also something which is kept in mind so that the procedure that is followed has more exposure and can be known more responsively too while the precision is designed in such a way keeping in mind according to the areas that they are going to be used for. For instance, a blunt tip needle is normally used for areas such as the cheeks where there is more area required for working on or bringing on more mass to the required part while the micro-needle precision also depends on the procedure in line. This is because an area where the micro-needle is being used for eye areas would definitely require less area and more precision in it to do the work with more confidence and lesser risk in such a sensitive area.

Hence micro-needles are no doubt a very important invention whose forms have been very supportive to the beauty world.

Thank you so much for your time we hope that our audience will love to read your interview.

A brief history of Gwangju City situated in Korea

A brief history of Gwangju City situated in Korea

Gwangju is a city of South Korea, it is the sixth largest city of South Korea. The Government is runned by the central government of Korea as it is a metropolitan city, the Home Ministry is responsible for running affairs inside the city. It was also the capital of South Jeolla province but later the capital was changed into Southern village of Namak as the provincial assembly was shifted there in Muan Country in 2005.

Historical overview

Gwang is a Chineese word which means light and Ju represents the province. The city is very popular amongst tourist for its cuisine and food richness. Gwangju has a great history, the city was established in 57 BC. It was one of the administrative centers of the old Baekje empire during the Kingdom period in Korea.

Japanese Rule

During the Japanese invasion in 1929, a conflict between Japanese and Korean students in the city evolved into a large, highly intense demonstration which later turned into a massive struggle to get rid of Japanese rule during the colonial era.

Economic Stability

The city’s fate turned into fortune when the construction of a railway to Seoul had taken place. The railway line helped the industrialist to found cotton textiles, rice mills and other breweries to the city. There was also a massive construction of industrial zone in the city in 1967 to encourage industrialist to invest in the city, automobile industry was the main priority of the Government.

Civilian Uprising Against Military

In May 1980, a historical but peaceful protest against the military coap lead by Chun Doo-hwan emerges in Gwangju city. However, the military managed to sustain the peaceful protest and supressed the demonstration against the Government. The elite units of the military command also took part in the action against civilians.

The situation evolved into a larger turmoil after the bloody crackdown by the forces which resulted into an uprising against the Government in which civilians attacked military installments and raided armories to steal military weapons. After a bloody fight between the military headed government and civilians the crisis ended in which many civilians, soldiers and policemen died.

The civilians were the victorious in the clash between government and general people, as the military rule was thrown and the civilian government was reinstated. A national cemetery was established by the Korean government in memory of the victims of the dispute.

Current Status of Gwangju City

After a long period of turmoil and crisis, the citizens of Gwangju city witnessed an era of peace. In 1986, Gwagju was separated from Jeollanam-do to become a directly ruled city which was called Jikhlasi but shortly just after 9 years in 1995 in became a Metropolitian city Gwangyeoksi. Gwangju is considered as the stronghold of liberal Democratic United Part and its followers.